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Waste Tyre Shredding & Recycling System

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of the logistics industry, the number of private cars and the number of trucks in China have increased year by year. The annual waste tires produced in China are increasing at a rate of 8% to 10%. The world's waste tires have reached 3 billion, and they are growing at an alarming number of about 1 billion a year. The recycling rate is only about 50%, less than 50% of the developed countries in the West, resulting in huge waste of resources. Tongjin also greatly pollutes the environment on which we depend.

Tire recycling process

GEP-Tire Recycling tire recycling system The whole equipment adopts the normal temperature physical method to shred waste tires, wire separation, physical room temperature pulverization, fiber separation, grinding, and preparation of fine rubber powder. The entire system is fully automatic and intelligent. Through the intuitive graphic control software, the real-time information of the equipment is directly linked with the electronic control interface of the production line. The IAS system constructs an automatic production line management plan for the tire recycling process, centrally grasps the information of the machine equipment, eliminates the real-time abnormality, and generates a complete production information report. The equipment is predictive of maintenance. Effective use of integrated monitoring systems can prevent equipment failures and save maintenance costs, thereby increasing capacity stability and plant safety.

According to the different application fields and capacity requirements of the customer terminal products, GEP-Tire Recycling tire recycling system configuration capacity provides a complete set of recycling solutions and technical guidance for the terminal products between 300Kg/h-6t/h.

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